Breakfast Spread
Good Morning Breakfast
Coffee For One Person
Omelet Types
Turkish Coffee
Drip Coffee
Baked Sauced Potatoes With Truffles
Potatoes With Mexican Sauce
Cheddar Sauce Fries
Mini Menu
Chicken Wrap With Caesar Sauce & Meatball Wrap With Tomato Sauce
Brimming Toast
Braised Meat Toast
Classical Toast
Eggplant Burger
Diyar Burger
Anatolian Salad
Halloumi Salad
Chicken With Aubergine Puree
Grilled Chicken
Chicken With Curry Sauce
Chicken Schnitzel
Let’s Be Full Up – Let’s Keep It Italian
Pancake & Waffle
Cheesecake Varieties
Chocolate Series
Apple Pie & Cake & Brownie
Coffee-Flavoured Cake With White Chocolate
White Pudding With Blackened Surface
With Classic Chocolate & With Berry Chocolate