About Us

Make Every Day a Kahve Diyari Day…

We started our business in 2005 to provide our guests with a good home and a good time at any hour of any day of the week. With the same excitement as our first day, we continued to grow and   earned the distinction of "Most reliable and well-known local chain brand of the year in Turkey" from national economy magazines. Without compromising our quality, we reached the level of more than 120 franchise venues in 48 provinces, hosting pleasant moments of our guests at every corner of Turkey. 
Kalitemizden hiç ödün vermeden 48 ilde, 120 üzerinde şube sayısına ulaşarak, Türkiye’nin dört bir yanındaki misafirlerimizin keyif dolu anlarına ev sahipliği yapıyoruz. 

For high quality and excellent service…

With modern investments at the right moments we create innovative products under our own brand and at our own facilities. This way, we continuously expand our product range and keep our   standards high.
The products we manufacture at our facilities are directly delivered to our venues to maintain their flavour and freshness. We list more than 60 dishes, more than 128 drinks 50+ of which are coffees, and more than 20 desserts on our menu with peace of mind.