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We have reached more than 35 cities in Turkey by increasing the growth momentum we achieved with our first store in Izmir's Alsancak district in 2005, day by day. The unique style and brand identity of our brand attracts the attention of our customers not only with its coffee presentation but also with its atmosphere. In response to the interest we received in our first overseas store in Erbil, Northern Iraq in 2020, we also accelerated our initiatives outside the country.

With the renewal movement we started in 2021, we chose a young, dynamic and modern logo that directly reflects the mission and growth movement of our brand. We implemented the KAHVE DIYARI Yanında (By Hand) concept, which we created in order to keep up with the change in consumer habits after the pandemic.

Today, we meet our customers with more than 100 stores in Turkey, Northern Iraq and Saudi Arabia, with the strength we receive from the tastes and demands of all our local and foreign consumers.

We Roast Our Own Coffee.

We personally visit local farms in Ethiopia, Brazil and Colombia and participate in coffee harvests. We carefully roast the coffees we carefully select from farms, with support from world-famous coffee experts.

This Land belongs to all of us.

About Us

Our Story

We are proud of operating in more than 33 cities with more than 100 branches in Turkey by increasing the momentum of growth we captured with our first store opened in Izmir in 2005. During this period, we managed to become one of the top three brands in our country by increasing our market share in the coffee shop chain sector to 7%.

Among these achievements, we are honored and proud of being awarded the “Most reliable and well-known local chain brand of the year” award by national economy magazines. The level of quality we achieved as a franchise is guaranteed in our every store. With our quality and delicious product range and flawless service, we continue to offer Turkish coffee and other unique flavors to our customers by adopting the Turkish tradition of kindness and hospitality.


To be the most admired and preferred coffee brand in the industry in Turkey and in the world, by offering Kahve Diyarı products, a 100% domestic brand that distinguishes itself with its high quality, delicious, different and innovative product varieties, in environments reflecting the Turkish coffee and catering culture where our customers will feel special and consume our products with pleasure.


With our motto; the right product, for the right price, our goal is to meet the expectations of our consumers in the best way possible by offering a wide range of products to our customers with over 100 food groups, over 150 beverage groups, over 30 dessert groups and more than 60 types of coffee, and to bring our economic and social contribution to our country to the highest level we can.

  • Our Production Facility

    Our 5000 square meter production facility is our biggest asset that distinguishes us from the other coffee chains in the market. Through active R&D endeavors, we differentiate our brand by providing special quality products for our Franchisees.

  • Our Shipping Network

    By processing their orders on KD Portal, our franchisees can order their products at any time they desire, and they can receive their products effortlessly with weekly organized shipments.

Kahve Diyarı Franchise Benefits

"Proven Success"

Our brand has a proven earning model. Through this model, our more than 100 Franchises continue to earn and grow with us. Chain branding and the continued growth of the Coffee Market as an industry are some of the biggest indicators of success for this business model. We keep our market and marketing researches up-to-date and offer employee marketing proposals for our franchisees in order to maximize their turnover.

Cost Control

With the help of our department in our central management, the current costs of our franchises can be monitored and their profitability can be tracked to offer road maps with special guidance.

Our Experience

Our team has opened more than 120 franchises to date. With the experience and knowledge this brings, we can complete the construction and decoration works of a Kahve Diyarı branch within 60 working days (it may vary depending on the concept) and make the branch ready for operation.

Corporate and Marketing Support

Our brand continues to stand by you after the opening of the Franchise branch. Our central team manages the business organization starting from the initial opening of your franchise, and hands over the system to you when it’s setup and fully operational.

With the help of the process that Kahve Diyarı management carries out in cooperation with the central creative advertising agency, the design, advertising and promotion needs of the franchises are met quickly.

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